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Those colicky evenings

Colic. My old enemy... It's back. And it's bigger and badder than before. He screams. I feed him. He screams ...
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Baby’s first excursion: An afternoon in Howth

It was Saturday. For the first time in ages we had no house viewings on the far side of the ...
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Those Newborn Daze

We will never get these first precious weeks back again. Time slips away fast amongst the chaos of the early ...
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Homebirth: The Afterbirth

Before and afterbirth. Pregnant no more. All of a sudden bump was now baby... Boo had finally arrived, on his ...
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The Last Summer

It's that time of year when the country is finally starting to shake off the shackles of winter (maybe). The ...
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A Late Spring, Fresh Starts

Clear skies today (for a change). Almost enough to make you think that an actual Summer might be around the ...
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2015-04-03 13.45.16

Bedtime – an Interlude

PJs are on. Teeth are brushed. Favourite toys are in their ritual sleeping spots. Bedtime stories have been read (and ...
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Shooting sheep – how not to get a good night’s sleep

It hasn't been a good week for sleep in this house. It never is particularly good, but occasionally it's not ...
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“Mama, no! Arse! Eye!” – Life with an 18 month old

Living with an active toddler is both totally awesome, and a constant energy drain. As an 18 month old, he's ...
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Leap (of hell) ten

How naive. We thought we were heading out of the woods with the vomiting bug after a few rough days ...
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2015-09-06 19.32.13

This, is Ile de Ré

I'm hurtling along on a rickety bike, out in the peaceful open countryside. Coasting easily through flat fields, the grass ...
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Who tries to rent a car without a drivers licence?

Yes, that's right - we did! Not intentionally, but that's the situation we found ourselves in at the start of ...
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How bizarre – Cats in Prague

Every so often in life you come across a situation that leaves you completely speechless, and not quite sure how ...
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Long haul torture with a toddler

We're walking through a gargantuan terminal in Dubai airport. Searching wearily for somewhere with decent food to keep us going ...
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Dropping into Bosnia for some tea

On our last night in Dubrovnik the weather changed. We slept to the sound of thunder rolling across the sky ...
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Fraser Island – Fair Dinkum, I knew that would happen!

Our tour to Fraser Island starts bright and early in the morning. We cram enough items to get us through ...
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