Moving Day

There was little sleep the night before. Children and babies have an innate ability to know when there’s a tough day ahead and will do their utmost to ensure that you face it bleary-eyed with a sluggish mind. We rose early, but much later than planned. And we were off… running in circles trying to do […]

Tipping Point

Life is a roller coaster they say (or maybe that’s just Ronan Keating). We’ve been trundling up and down on the emigration coaster for a while now. Visa applications are a fickle and painfully slow process with more downs than ups. Each delay leaves you feeling like the end of this ride will never be […]

Leap Six – The Velcro Baby

With my first baby it was hard not to obsess over each little thing he did or didn’t do. How much should he be feeding at X months? How much and how often should he sleep at Y months? What skills should he have learnt by Z months? And of course, the perennial “What’s wrong with […]

The End of a (Preschool) Era

Almost four years ago I was at a coffee morning watching a mother weeping over the chances of getting her child into a decent primary school in September. During the ensuing conversation I was horrified to hear others stressing about secondary school options for their toddlers. This was a Thing To Worry About? Already?! And […]

Playlist of My Life (Linky)

Here’s another linky that I couldn’t resist joining. It’s been a great excuse to take a break from the relentless packing. The opportunity to blast music from the past comes from Nicola over on SimplyHomemade and the prompt is simple – what’s the playlist of your life? Songs that have significance because we associate them with times […]

Snapshot (Linky)

I live in a full and busy house at the moment with little time for reflection. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s going on as part of Awfully Chipper’s Snapshot Linky…   Listening to: Right now as I write this post it’s ‘Fall Into Me’ by Alev Lenz. I heard this track in the last episode […]


Stuck. The feeling that life is passing you by as you wait for something to happen. Instead of living in the moment and enjoying what you have, you inevitably weigh each day by the progress (or lack of) towards that distant goal. You strive to kindle motivation only for it to be quenched by the sheer […]

What Might Be

I initially wrote this a few months ago as I solo-parented, and my husband attempted to alter our family’s future. A few weeks ago we danced the exact same dance again. Then waited, again. Soon now we can answer that simple question of what might be ahead for our family. 8.30pm. The zenith of the bedtime process, and I’m […]

The Paint Job

A short tale about a tin of paint and an excitable 4-year-old. I bet you can tell exactly how the story ends already…   It’s mid-afternoon and I’ve taken the cranky over-tired Boo for a desperately needed nap. Downstairs Brodie has decided to tackle the next item on our to-do list… painting the front door. […]

Review: Bambeado’s Bam Bam Teething Toy

Bambeado sent me a Bam Bam teething toy for the purpose of reviewing the product. All opinions expressed are my own (and Boo’s).   Boo started teething early – just like his brother. And like most people, we used Sophie La Giraffe for the Rascal when he was a baby and found it excellent for […]