Big, Bold and Beautiful

He’s Big To everyone’s surprise, he was a big baby from the start. Off the charts for height and weight at birth, and still trending in the top percentiles at 4 months. No waking him to feed at night. No worrying if he might be getting enough milk. Despite our fears of getting another non-sleeper, this […]

2016 In Review: 16 from 16 (Linky)

Our first Christmas as a family of four. It’s been a mixed bag. We had fun with the kids, but also suffered from dealing with the inevitable overtired children and sleep deprivation that comes with the holidays. Most days we’re constantly trying to talk the 4-year-old down off the edge of the tantrum-cliff, and usually failing. […]

Newborn to Baby in the Blink of an Eye

Just a moment ago there was a freshly minted newborn in my arms. Snuggled up and sleeping deeply, unaware of the world around him. He didn’t look like a newborn – with his hundredth percentile height and weight, or his rolls of fat. But a newborn he was, complete with bobbly head and unfocused stare. […]

All you Need is a Star

The Rascal’s relationship with preschool is “It’s complicated”. After being home with me for almost 3 years, he was used to pottering about doing his own thing both indoors and outdoors. I was in two minds about sending him to preschool when he finally qualified for his one year of ECCE placement. Especially with a new sibling on […]

Brotherly Love in a time of War

It’s been a brutal war. On one side a confused and angry 4-year-old pitches a tantrum at every opportunity. On the other, two frazzled and sleep-deprived parents try to keep on top of the daily demands of life. Caught in the middle, but making fierce demands of his own, is a newborn still trying to figure […]

Listography – 5 Favourite Posts

Who doesn’t love a good linky? Or the chance to take a trip down memory lane? Kate Takes 5 has invited bloggers to share 5 of their favourite posts. It’s been a great excuse to read back through some of the 285 posts published on this blog over the past 7 years! Things have changed a […]

These are a few of my favourite (newborn) things

Drawers all stocked up with cute baby gros Kissing you from your head to your toes Snuggled close and warm, wrapped up in your slings. These are a few of my favourite newborn things…   The intense look in those bright blue eyes as he gazes intently into mine. The comatose sleep. Head flopping back, […]

Those colicky evenings

  Colic. My old enemy… It’s back. And it’s bigger and badder than before.   He screams. I feed him. He screams. I rock him. He screams. I burp him. He screams. I pace with him. He screams. Brodie rocks, burps, paces with him. He screams. I cuddle him. He screams. And screams. And screams some more. Fierce. Angry. Mad. […]

Baby’s first excursion: An afternoon in Howth

It was Saturday. For the first time in ages we had no house viewings on the far side of the city to attend. No visitors to see the baby. No interest in doing any of the pile of housework that needed doing. The sun was shining. The dregs of the ‘good’ Irish weather this year. […]

Those Newborn Daze

We will never get these first precious weeks back again. Time slips away fast amongst the chaos of the early newborn days. Blink, and you’ll miss them.   The Days The washing machine on an endless cycle. Wash, dry, wear, soil, remove, repeat. Still the piles of stained clothing grow uncontrollably. Sitting under a baby is […]