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Newborn to Baby in the Blink of an Eye

Just a moment ago there was a freshly minted newborn in my arms. Snuggled up and sleeping deeply, unaware of the world around him. He didn’t look like a newborn – with his hundredth percentile height and weight, or his rolls of fat. But a newborn he was, complete with bobbly head and unfocused stare. […]

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Brotherly Love in a time of War

It’s been a brutal war. On one side a confused and angry 4-year-old pitches a tantrum at every opportunity. On the other, two frazzled and sleep-deprived parents try to keep on top of the daily demands of life. Caught in the middle, but making fierce demands of his own, is a newborn still trying to figure […]

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Those Newborn Daze

We will never get these first precious weeks back again. Time slips away fast amongst the chaos of the early newborn days. Blink, and you’ll miss them.   The Days The washing machine on an endless cycle. Wash, dry, wear, soil, remove, repeat. Still the piles of stained clothing grow uncontrollably. Sitting under a baby is […]

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Birth Stories – Boo’s Homebirth

2.30 am I’m lying in bed, dozing through the Braxton Hicks that have become more intense over the past few nights. I’m not sure where the line is drawn between these and early labour contractions that can start and stop, but they’re definitely getting stronger. It feels like my body might finally be preparing for […]

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The Last Summer

It’s that time of year when the country is finally starting to shake off the shackles of winter (maybe). The weather is fiercely unreliable. Glimpses of sunny days ahead are swept away by cold winds and torrential rain. But there’s the hope of summer ahead. That’s what sends us out on bright mornings, only to […]

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Sleepless nights, dark mornings

It’s been a dark start to the year. Summer days feel oh so far away. Now it’s the season of snuffles and sniffles. And apparently the season of sleepless nights (still). For more than six weeks it’s been the same story every night. Whether bedtime is early or late, welcomed or fought against… it makes little […]

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Bedtime – an Interlude

PJs are on. Teeth are brushed. Favourite toys are in their ritual sleeping spots. Bedtime stories have been read (and re-read). Lights turned out. And so the nightly battle for sleep begins in earnest. The accidental kicks and punches. The not so accidental ones. The kissing of Ows. The straightening of bedclothes. The discussions about why […]

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Those terrible terrible tantrumy twos

It’s a chilly, damp morning in Marlay Park.  The small playground is totally deserted apart from two little toddlers wandering about half-heartedly.  Their mothers huddle miserably together off to one side.  It’s not raining, but the sun is completely obscured by thick grey clouds.  Getting the kids out for a runabout in fresh air was an awful […]

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Christmas memories past and future

Linking up with the Christmas memories linky over on Dr How’s Science Wows…   Christmas is a memorable time of year – for children in particular.  It’s the most magical holiday of them all where feats of sheer impossibility become achievable in one night.  There’s all the sparkle and glitter; from a tastefully minimalist tree, to obscenely decadent flashing […]

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