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My Breastfeeding Cheat Sheet

This is my second time preparing for breastfeeding a newborn. The antenatal classes in the hospital barely touch the basics of what you need to know, but it’s easy to get lost online in a sea of information on the topic. Then the health professionals you encounter will vary greatly in their personal opinions on […]

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Favourite Children’s Books – Age 0 to 3

Christmas is just around the corner and we’ll be using the excuse to add to our library of children’s books. A bedtime story has been part of the routine since the Rascal was only a few months old. Study after study has shown the many benefits of the bedtime story for children. Though apparently the […]

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Dublin Day Trips – A boat to Ireland’s Eye

It’s been a busy month for us with all the house moving and redecorating, but we try and spend some days getting out and about in the (sometimes) sunny summer weather. Recently we were lucky to choose a pleasant day for a trip out to Ireland’s Eye. We had signed up to head over for the […]

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Homemade Granola

Yoghurt and granola is my favourite go-to afternoon snack.  It keeps both myself and the toddler going until dinnertime.  However store-bought granola is incredibly expensive, and not very healthy.  This recipe for homemade granola is cobbled together based on the ingredients listed on the brands of granola that I liked.  It’s got no sugar or […]

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Superhands Baby Sign Language – One year on

The news that Superhands is sponsoring the Best Special Interest Blog in the Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015 reminded me that I never got around to updating on our experience with baby sign language.     The Rascal was approaching one year old when we did the first Superhands course.  He was just getting into […]

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A visit to Lisbon Oceanarium

So what is there to do in Lisbon?  Well, the top destination if you’ve got kids has to be the Lisbon Oceanarium.  It was on the other side of Lisbon, but the metro stations made it very easy for us to get there.  We went through the Vasco da Gama shopping centre and into the Parque […]

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Review: Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Toddler Sling

I was given a Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier on loan for two weeks in order to test it for the purpose of writing a review. I received no other compensation, and all opinions below are my own.   If you’ve found the right kind of sling for you, then you’ll know just how useful they are. If you’ve ever struggled with a […]

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The Architects of Air’s “Pentalum”

‘Sky, sky!’, shouts Rascal, head upturned.  His hands are raised, reaching towards the glowing light above him, as if expecting be transported away to another world. His awestruck face is bathed in eerie blue, eyes wide in wonder at what he sees.  He spins and laughs, breaking his gaze to see what else is around him.  ‘More […]

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Mobile Farm at Marlay Park

One of the best things about moving back further out of Dublin City, is the proximity to the many great parks on the south side of Dublin. Marlay Park is one of the most popular. We enjoy taking trips there, but do find it a bit tedious during the summer months when everyone else and […]

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The cult of the steam mop

For months now I’ve been hearing people raving about steam mops. They’re apparently the latest ‘must-have’ household gadget. I was somewhat dubious about what sounded like it was just a very expensive mop. After all, I have a cheap mop sitting in the corner of the kitchen growing cobwebs. I wasn’t really too sure how […]

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