Nap Time


Nap Time

Sleepy baby snuggled at my breast
Head drops back, mouth agape
Soft snores into my face
Sinks deeper into slumber
Carefully, slowly, laid down by my side
A rare silence descends.

Restless toddler stirs, delicate eyelids flutter,
Bleary eyes search, lock gaze
A murmured ‘Mama’, and rolls my way
Reattaches chubby arms around my neck
Legs bury into my stomach
Face to face, nose to nose, breath to breath, a satisfied sigh.

Lying close, breathing as one
Watching over a body all at peace
Memorising each curve of face in the weak daylight
The future inevitability carries you away from me
But in this moment in time I belong to you,
You are entirely mine
My favourite times
This. Is. Love.


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3 thoughts on “Nap Time

  1. That is beautiful x

  2. Aw,this is lovely!Im reading it as I’m nursing a sleepy baby and feeling every line!

  3. Stuff and Nothing

    Thanks girls. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s not all sleepless nights. There’s lots of lovely snuggles too! 🙂

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