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The Rascal is an avid reader of books, even though he can’t actually read them himself yet. If he’s not hounding someone else to read a book for him, he’s sitting perusing the pictures and ‘reading’ them based on an impressive memory for repeating stories he’s only heard a couple of times. The folks over at Tumbledown Media kindly sent us copies of the Freddy Buttons series of books to read with him. The books are written by Irish food blogger Fiona Dillon, and illustrated by Derry Dillon.


freddy buttons

The books are aimed at a slightly older age group, so I wondered if my 3.5 year old would find them engaging yet. I needn’t have worried. They’ve been a big hit here.The illustrations are colourful and eye-catching and he finds the characters and stories very interesting.

There are six books in the series:
Freddy Buttons and the Little Lost Hen
Freddy Buttons and the Horrible Hornets
Freddy Buttons and the Naughty Badgers
Freddy Buttons and the Strawberry Patch Puzzle
Freddy Buttons and the Apple Bandits
Freddy Buttons and the Slimy Slugs

The main character, Freddy, is an 8 year old who lives in Tumbledown Cottage with his parents and Juno the dog. Freddy investigates various mysteries along with a menagerie of animals who make up the Freddy Buttons Investigators, or FBI. The books have a strong focus on farm life and the kinds of food that can be grown and eaten there. In each book you learn about where some of the healthy food in our shops actually comes from. At the end you will find some educational food facts, and also a recipe to try with your child(ren). Fiona collaborated with Glenisk on producing these books – an Irish company already well known to our house as I prefer to buy yoghurts that are low in sugar.  There’s usually a tub of natural yoghurt in our fridge for when we need a healthy snack. Glenisk are currently running a promotion where you can collect tokens for a copy of one of the books.

In this advertising age with product placement in all forms of media, it’s nice for a change to hear your child hankering after a juicy red apple or yoghurt instead of the latest sugar-laden treat. The format of the stories with the foods being introduced works really well for this age group. I can see them being very helpful for parents who struggle to get their children to eat fresher foods. After all, if Freddy and his friends eat them then they must be tasty…

The stories are entertaining for kids, and manage not to wreck the head of any adults who are required to read them over and over and over. This is unusual, particularly for my husband, who has a hatred for a number of the Rascal’s favourite story books. The Freddy Buttons books got a thumbs up from him for repeated reading. Overall the books tick a lot of boxes and are an ideal present for children aged 3-9. The Rascal was very excited every time a new book was brought out for us to read with him. Freddy is a great role model for kids. We’ll definitely be watching out for any future additions to the series and would highly recommend the books.


Disclaimer: We were sent the Freddy Button series of books to read and were not obliged to review them. No payment was received, and this is our honest opinion of the series.

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