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The Days are Long but the Years are Short

By the time it’s all done… Everyone has been fed their breakfast. They’re both scrubbed clean of peanut butter smears. Porridge cement scraped off the tables and chairs. Floors swept of debris and crumb trails. Dishwasher unloaded into cupboards, then reloaded with dirty dishes—removing the toddler as he attempts to climb inside or steal a sharp […]

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Almost Five

He struts alongside me – on the alert for airplanes, insects… or sticks. You can never have enough sticks. I’m struck by how tall and lean he has become. A young boy. Not an ounce of baby chub remains. Every week he stretches a little closer to the sky. He wanders along with a running […]

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What Might Be

I initially wrote this a few months ago as I solo-parented, and my husband attempted to alter our family’s future. A few weeks ago we danced the exact same dance again. Then waited, again. Soon now we can answer that simple question of what might be ahead for our family. 8.30pm. The zenith of the bedtime process, and I’m […]

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Big, Bold and Beautiful

He’s Big To everyone’s surprise, he was a big baby from the start. Off the charts for height and weight at birth, and still trending in the top percentiles at 4 months. No waking him to feed at night. No worrying if he might be getting enough milk. Despite our fears of getting another non-sleeper, this […]

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Brotherly Love in a time of War

It’s been a brutal war. On one side a confused and angry 4-year-old pitches a tantrum at every opportunity. On the other, two frazzled and sleep-deprived parents try to keep on top of the daily demands of life. Caught in the middle, but making fierce demands of his own, is a newborn still trying to figure […]

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