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Leap Six – The Velcro Baby

With my first baby it was hard not to obsess over each little thing he did or didn’t do. How much should he be feeding at X months? How much and how often should he sleep at Y months? What skills should he have learnt by Z months? And of course, the perennial “What’s wrong with […]

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The Highs and Lows of a 3-year-old

There’s a 3-year-old sitting on the stairs, sobbing uncontrollably for the umpteenth time today. I don’t know why he’s crying. He doesn’t know why he’s crying. “I can’t stop crying!” he wails at me as another wave hits. I reassure him that he will be able to stop crying soon. “Make me happy again!”, he […]

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Leap (of hell) ten

How naive. We thought we were heading out of the woods with the vomiting bug after a few rough days. Once the Rascal’s fever had finally gone we thought the end was in sight. Wrong! Turns out that it was only the fever that had abated, every other symptom of the sickness remained. And just to […]

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