Homebirth: The Afterbirth

Before and afterbirth. Pregnant no more. All of a sudden bump was now baby…   Boo had finally arrived, on his own terms. 12 hours after my waters broke his birth journey was complete. That was a pretty good rate of progress, especially with posterior labour. Not that it hadn’t seemed endlessly long in the midst […]

Birth Stories – Boo’s Homebirth

2.30 am I’m lying in bed, dozing through the Braxton Hicks that have become more intense over the past few nights. I’m not sure where the line is drawn between these and early labour contractions that can start and stop, but they’re definitely getting stronger. It feels like my body might finally be preparing for […]

40 Weeks – The Waiting Game

38, 39, 40 weeks… It’s been week after week with list upon list of things still to be done. Wondering if we’d ever be ‘ready’ for this baby in time before it decided to come. But there were no early surprises. Somehow all the important things are done. Well, apart from finding a new house to live […]

38 weeks, and it’s too damn hot!

“Look at you, you’re ready to pop!”, says yet another well-meaning stranger who seems to think I’ll appreciate the unsolicited comment when they pass by. I smile politely, instead of telling them I’ve been hearing that for WEEKS now. Yes, the bump is low. That doesn’t mean baby Boo is planning on going anywhere in the […]

Goodbye hospital birth, hello homebirth

Tick tock. Tick tock. The days have gradually been passing by and the arrival of our second child is growing imminent. 36 weeks is a big milestone. Chances are that the due date will come and go and we’ll still be waiting. But the prospect is very real that this baby could arrive any time now. […]