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One Word 2018: Dare

I heard about the ‘One Word Movement’ from Kate Takes 5 last year, and loved the idea of setting a one word intention for the year. It’s a simple alternative to the usual list of unoriginal New Year’s resolutions that are trotted out each year – and have usually been abandoned long before the start […]

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2016 In Review: 16 from 16 (Linky)

Our first Christmas as a family of four. It’s been a mixed bag. We had fun with the kids, but also suffered from dealing with the inevitable overtired children and sleep deprivation that comes with the holidays. Most days we’re constantly trying to talk the 4-year-old down off the edge of the tantrum-cliff, and usually failing. […]

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Imagining the New Year

The turkey has been depleted. No more presents sit under the tree promising good times ahead.  Christmas decorations are (coming) down. Everyone’s feeling bloated and tired. I don’t want to see another mince pie in the near future. The fun of indulging in christmas has faded fast. Now that 2014 is in the rear view mirror, everyone’s looking ahead […]

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Irish Life

Sliding into a New Year

As the last few days of 2009 passed by, the icy reach of winter extended across the country forcing everyone indoors around the fire.  People here are accustomed to a relatively mild Christmas where it almost never snows.  The worst of the weather is usually saved up for around February and March.  The bitter cold […]

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