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Breathing Space

  There is something about this precious in-between time. Hovering at the edge of daytime duties and the slow fall into sleep. Something you only truly appreciate when you have young children in the house 24/7, and are never ever alone. Those few short minutes when the entire house has gone to sleep, except for […]

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“Mammy, my tooth is moving!” announces the five-year-old one evening. “Oh,” I say to this latest proclamation. Knowing that it may or may not actually be true upon further investigation. “Did you bang your mouth or anything recently?” “Um… yes,” he says. I start to be a little concerned. “You banged your mouth and your […]

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The Days are Long but the Years are Short

By the time it’s all done… Everyone has been fed their breakfast. They’re both scrubbed clean of peanut butter smears. Porridge cement scraped off the tables and chairs. Floors swept of debris and crumb trails. Dishwasher unloaded into cupboards, then reloaded with dirty dishes—removing the toddler as he attempts to climb inside or steal a sharp […]

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Finding your Tribe(s)

Finding your tribe. It’s something you hear mentioned often, particularly when it comes to motherhood. Because ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, as the old saying goes. We all have our tribes, whether familial or otherwise. We get comfortable amongst them. The task of finding a new one is daunting, to say the […]

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