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This is Four

“What did you do today at camp?” “I was drooling”. “Drooling? Um, ok.” … “Oh wait, do you mean you were drilling things?” “Yeah, drooling! I was drooling today. Like I said!” My eldest child is caring, smart, curious, stubborn, strong-willed, persistent and highly entertaining. He has the potential to be an amazing adult as […]

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The Highs and Lows of a 3-year-old

There’s a 3-year-old sitting on the stairs, sobbing uncontrollably for the umpteenth time today. I don’t know why he’s crying. He doesn’t know why he’s crying. “I can’t stop crying!” he wails at me as another wave hits. I reassure him that he will be able to stop crying soon. “Make me happy again!”, he […]

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Terrible Twos

Introducing the Rascal

Somewhere in the midst of the Christmas holiday chaos and an 8 week run of various illnesses, my little baby turned 2!  This momentous milestone was not really celebrated as we’d planned.  Myself and him were feeling rotten that week (and many others) so we weren’t very good company.  Luckily his second birthday wasn’t something he noticed or […]

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Leap (of hell) ten

How naive. We thought we were heading out of the woods with the vomiting bug after a few rough days. Once the Rascal’s fever had finally gone we thought the end was in sight. Wrong! Turns out that it was only the fever that had abated, every other symptom of the sickness remained. And just to […]

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A Long Week: Tantrums and sleep deprivation

What’s been happening recently in our house? Well, we finally got that second stair gate installed at the top of the stairs. It’s only been months since we actually bought it, after all. And weeks of daily palpitations as the new walker stomped back and forth, past the dangerous drop at ever increasing speeds. Diverting […]

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