Blog Timeline

As this blog has been running for quite a few years there’s an awful lot of different content about various things. Here’s a brief overview/timeline of how the blog has grown and will let you jump into sections you might be interested in.

This is a work-in-progress, but the highlights are:


May 2009: The first post…

Around the World in 96 Days – In the beginning there were just two of us heading off on a big adventure… Start here for an easy-to-browse collection of the blog posts from this trip.


2010: New Beginnings

This was the year when I started my last full-time job. And full-time it was. Extra hours were the norm and we covered 24/7 oncall shifts to support the systems we built. Nothing worse than a pager going off repeatedly during the night with some kind of crisis or other. Blogging took a back seat as I was spending too much time in front of a computer screen already. We managed a trip to Croatia this year, and then concentrated our efforts on cutting down the 2+ hour commute each way every day that we were doing for work. This resulted in us renting our house on the outskirts of Dublin and finding a suitable place to rent closer to the city centre. Our finances took a hit, but our sanity was saved.


2011: We got Married!

We travelled to Mauritius to get married combined with a honeymoon there.


2012: The Rascal is born

We started the year with a visit to beautiful Mexico quickly followed with a return to see more of Vancouver than the last time we were there before taking a few days in Seattle. The main event of this year was the birth of the Rascal.


2013: Blog hiatus

It came back to blogging more regularly this year with our first holiday as parents to Tenerife.


2014: Back to blogging

Highlights of this year were a city break to Amsterdam and our big holiday to the Maldives. Lows were the constant sleep deprivation and the infamous wonder weeks leap ten. At the end of the year I started doing some freelance work from home which proved tough to shoehorn into life with a toddler.



This year we visited Lisbon, Waterford, Spain and Ile de Re in France. We also stopped renting and returned back to the house we owned, eventually, after quite a bit of stress.


2016: My Second Pregnancy – Boo is born

There was the pregnancy, the preparation for changes ahead, and finally the homebirth. Travel was limited this year – Malta and a trip to Antrim before the baby arrived. Then a few days in beautiful Mayo for our first holiday as a family of four.


2017: The Move to Montreal

After much delay we finally emigrated to Canada and started the long process of settling our family there.


Stay tuned to see what’s next for us…

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