All my bags are packed…

August 30, 2009 0 Comments



Well, not quite – but the trip is only days away.   It’s time to deplete the fridge and do a final clean of the house.  I’ve had what could very well be my last day in work.  When I’ve stopped being so relieved about that I’ll start getting excited about heading off on Tuesday.  It’s been a very long week, not just because it was my last one, but because Pay Day happened to be this week.  The Pay Day Week in work is always a stressful time.  Each month it’s a gamble to see if this is finally the month where the plug gets pulled on a very terminal company, leaving you owed a months wages and whatever days holidays you didn’t manage to take in time.  No, I don’t know why I’m still working there other than I knew I was taking off to travel anyhow, and I have to admit it’s certainly a unique place to work.  Where else do you get the guy that stuffs plastic cutlery from the canteen into his shirt pocket because ‘it is useful for camping, yah’.  As for the salt sachets… wouldn’t want to run out of those!

My last day ended on a particularly high note.  While I was at the bank lowering my mortgage payments in case things take a turn for the worse, the rest of the company was out for a lunch.  I came back to the office ready to do my last few hours before freedom.  2o minutes later as I sat at my PC the lights went out.  Literally.  All the phone lines dead and the machines powered down.  Who can ignore a sign like that?  I informed the CEO of the situation, gathered the last of my belongings, locked up and went home for an early start to my leave of absence.  On the plus side, my pay cheque was made available eventually… just in time for someone to dash to the bank and lodge it.  Pay Day fun over until next month.  On to the more urgent task of packing.