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There are many special experiences you can have with your baby during the first year. We were lucky to have a really unique one this week when we took the Rascal to see “Babble” by the Replay theatre. They perform specifically for younger audiences and this particular piece was aimed at upto 18 months.  It’s one of those things that you hear about and immediately think “We HAVE to do that!”, as it sounded like so much fun. Happily we were able to book a show for just after our vacation. That meant that it was the whole family involved, not just Mum and baby. I was hearing nothing but praise from anyone who had already been to see it, and we were really looking forward to going ourselves.

We went to a performance in Dun Laoghaire’s Pavilion Theatre. There we entered a large specially constructed bubble with nine other babies, their parents, and four performers dressed from head to foot in eye-catching white clothing. It’s a perfectly designed space with plenty of padding leaving the babies free to lie, sit, shuffle or crawl their way about.  Which is great for parents who are usually flustered trying to restrain their babies from getting upto mischief.  Before the show even started the Rascal was off confidently exploring the area and checking out all the babies. The four performers were in amongst us, playing with the babies and helping to make them comfortable with everything and everyone before anything kicked off.

The performance itself is short enough to hold the attention of a younger audience. The girls moved around throughout the performance, interacting with the babies as they sang in harmony and acted out a simple plot. Images were projected on the walls and ceiling which amazed the babies, though not quite as much as the girls did. It was all well-designed to enthrall the young audience who had never seen or heard anything like this before. While we’re no strangers to a bit of music in our house, this was a really rare opportunity to expose the Rascal to live performers singing in harmony in an appropriate environment for him. Needless to say, he adored it. He literally trailed the girls around the dome, and was delighted to be picked up and involved in parts of the performance. It’s priceless to see the wonder in your baby’s eyes, and smiles lighting up their face in reaction to everything.

This is a very special and worthwhile project. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for future performances in our area. I’m already looking forward to bringing my son to experience a new adventure!


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