Review: Bambeado’s Bam Bam Teething Toy

January 27, 2017 0 Comments

Bambeado sent me a Bam Bam teething toy for the purpose of reviewing the product. All opinions expressed are my own (and Boo’s).


Boo started teething early – just like his brother. And like most people, we used Sophie La Giraffe for the Rascal when he was a baby and found it excellent for soothing his sore gums. It was great timing when Bambeado offered us a product to review. I don’t do many reviews and only take a product I would want to try myself. In this case I was curious to see what Boo would think of their Bam Bam silicone teething toy. When your baby is teething you can never have too many things for them to drool and chew on!

This colourful green giraffe gets the thumbs up from Boo. He particularly loves to chew on the horns. The toy is big enough for him to easily see and locate it. It’s also flat so he can easily grip it without too much coordination. Though his grip and aim have been improving rapidly with all the practise he’s getting. He will happily sit and chew away instead of fussing when his gums are bothering him.

For me the fact that Bam Bam is less common and comes in multiple colours means that it’s easy to identify our toy amongst others. If you’ve ever been to a baby class when they start roaming you’ll know it can be a nightmare figuring out which baby owns which toy. They’re all exactly the same and the babies are likely to trade (or rob) items when you’re not watching. Bam Bam is a solid object so there’s no need to worry about the prospect of any mould growing inside. The exterior is easy to clean and shows no sign of wear or grubbiness after a couple of months of chewing and dropping on the floor. It’s definitely a teething toy that I would purchase based on how much use it’s been getting.