Buckets full of precious moments

June 24, 2014 6 Comments

Inspired by The Busy Mama’s “Tales of parenting moments gone by linky, here are but a few of the many precious moments in my baby’s life that I’ll miss, but will hopefully see again with another!


park life

Those first few kicks where I was finally sure that I wasn’t imagining things. The most tangible evidence yet that there really was a new life growing inside of me, and getting ready to meet the world.

My husband’s face when I had him put his ear to a particular part of my stomach and he first heard, without the aid of machines, the galloping thud of his son’s heart. The one special thing between the two of them that I couldn’t share!

Being wheeled through hospital corridors clutching a minutes old newborn baby stuffed down my top. In awe at the new life we were responsible for, utterly relieved that the birthing process was finally over with a healthy baby.  Too exhausted to start panicking that we didn’t know how to be good parents to him.

More tired than we’ve ever been before in our lives, but sitting up bleary-eyed late into the nights, anxiously watching the rise and fall of a tiny chest. Gazing with devotion at perfect little features, almost unable to believe that his existence wasn’t all but a dream that we might wake up from.

Newborn snuggly naps. Falling asleep anywhere, any time, any position, any warm body. Oh, if only he slept so well now!

The pure delight on his face as he attempted his first few baby signs, and realised that his need was actually being communicated AND understood. Chubby fist raised in the early hours of the mornings, doing a victorious sign for milk, as he gorged on his creamy nectar.

Providing a warm, cosy lap while reading story books over and over, and over, and over… My face suddenly pulled down within reach for a surprise sloppy kiss of appreciation.

Toddler naps with Mama. Limbs entwined. Occasionally reaching out to pat my face and cuddle up closer.  Falling asleep to the gentle, peaceful sound of his breathing.

Crouching down to put something in a cupboard and feeling little arms pat my back, and reach around me for a hug full of unconditional and unadulterated love.

Those peals of high-pitched giggles that no human with a heart could fail to respond to, reminding us all that life is for fun, loving, and living.