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Psychological Warfare with a Five-Year-Old

Entering the apartment with two kids after being out in the snow is no small feat. First, I have to get the stroller through a narrow and heavy door before it swings shut. Then I haul bags of groceries up the steps to the inner door. Followed by carrying the wriggling toddler. The real bottleneck […]

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“Mammy, my tooth is moving!” announces the five-year-old one evening. “Oh,” I say to this latest proclamation. Knowing that it may or may not actually be true upon further investigation. “Did you bang your mouth or anything recently?” “Um… yes,” he says. I start to be a little concerned. “You banged your mouth and your […]

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Almost Five

He struts alongside me – on the alert for airplanes, insects… or sticks. You can never have enough sticks. I’m struck by how tall and lean he has become. A young boy. Not an ounce of baby chub remains. Every week he stretches a little closer to the sky. He wanders along with a running […]

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