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Extended Breastfeeding: One Day at a Time

There’s so much controversy over breastfeeding that a lot of attention in the media is focused on debating whether it’s breastfeeders or formula-feeders that are put under more pressure. The simplest answer is that both are under different kinds of pressure that they don’t want. The underlying issue we should be debating is enabling women […]

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My Breastfeeding Cheat Sheet

This is my second time preparing for breastfeeding a newborn. The antenatal classes in the hospital barely touch the basics of what you need to know, but it’s easy to get lost online in a sea of information on the topic. Then the health professionals you encounter will vary greatly in their personal opinions on […]

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World Breastfeeding Week 2014

It’s World Breastfeeding Week 2014 from Aug 1st-7th, and Irish Parenting Bloggers are sharing experiences of breastfeeding in their lives with this linky, where you can find other contributions… The World Breastfeeding Week theme this year is “Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal for Life”. Breastfeeding is no different to most parenting choices – it’s not for everyone. It can be […]

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La Leche Conference, 2014: Jack Newman

Early on a quiet Saturday morning, the inhabitants of Maynooth went about their daily business as usual. Mostly unaware that just a few short hours later, an army of women would descend upon the place from all corners of the country. They came by train, car, and on foot.  They came with babies, children and […]

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Breastfeeding: What a difference a year makes

National Breastfeeding week (1st – 7th October) is just coming to an end in Ireland. I was completely unaware of this event last year and I knew next to nothing about the reality of breastfeeding either. This time last year, I was quite heavily pregnant with my son and I was counting down the days […]

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