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This is Four

“What did you do today at camp?” “I was drooling”. “Drooling? Um, ok.” … “Oh wait, do you mean you were drilling things?” “Yeah, drooling! I was drooling today. Like I said!” My eldest child is caring, smart, curious, stubborn, strong-willed, persistent and highly entertaining. He has the potential to be an amazing adult as […]

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The Paint Job

A short tale about a tin of paint and an excitable 4-year-old. I bet you can tell exactly how the story ends already…   It’s mid-afternoon and I’ve taken the cranky over-tired Boo for a desperately needed nap. Downstairs Brodie has decided to tackle the next item on our to-do list… painting the front door. […]

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All you Need is a Star

The Rascal’s relationship with preschool is “It’s complicated”. After being home with me for almost 3 years, he was used to pottering about doing his own thing both indoors and outdoors. I was in two minds about sending him to preschool when he finally qualified for his one year of ECCE placement. Especially with a new sibling on […]

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