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Brown Soda Bread

I love fresh bread (especially homemade) but have always been lazy about going to the effort of making it from scratch. I’m trying to get into the habit of baking some bread at least once a week and hoping the habit will stick when I’m busier. This brown soda bread recipe is a favourite in […]

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How to make an easy ‘Dinosaur Cake’

Last year the toddler was all about the cars and trucks. This year however it’s animals, dragons and dinosaurs. He just can’t get enough of them. As his third birthday approached it became apparent that everyone (except him) was expecting an elaborate cake. So much for the laid-back early birthday years. I was going to […]

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Homemade Granola

Yoghurt and granola is my favourite go-to afternoon snack.  It keeps both myself and the toddler going until dinnertime.  However store-bought granola is incredibly expensive, and not very healthy.  This recipe for homemade granola is cobbled together based on the ingredients listed on the brands of granola that I liked.  It’s got no sugar or […]

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A Week in Dinners

I’m joining the ‘Week in Dinners’ linky over on Bumbles of Rice this week.  It’s somewhat sad to say that since becoming a mother I’ve had to change my lazy disorganised ways and start planning our meals more than a few hours in advance.  Now I’m one of those people who actually plan their weekly […]

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