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Lisbon with a toddler

We ramble through a maze of roads and lanes that twist and turn in every direction (including up and down), passing between the colourful buildings. We gaze through windows at vast arrays of dense calorific pastries dusted in snowy powder, and try to resist being lured in again.  The streets are lively, but no one’s in […]

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Places | Portugal

A visit to Lisbon Oceanarium

So what is there to do in Lisbon?  Well, the top destination if you’ve got kids has to be the Lisbon Oceanarium.  It was on the other side of Lisbon, but the metro stations made it very easy for us to get there.  We went through the Vasco da Gama shopping centre and into the Parque […]

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Portugal | Products

Review: Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Toddler Sling

I was given a Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier on loan for two weeks in order to test it for the purpose of writing a review. I received no other compensation, and all opinions below are my own.   If you’ve found the right kind of sling for you, then you’ll know just how useful they are. If you’ve ever struggled with a […]

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Parenting | Portugal

Lisbon – tram to Belém

Myself and the Rascal shared a small hotel sofa-bed for our first night in Lisbon.  It was not a comfortable sleep-filled night.  The thought that this was deemed a suitable bed for children was disturbing.  Our dog wouldn’t have settled for the lumps and metallic bumps we endured.  We were supposedly staying in a five […]

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Lisbon through a lens

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Parenting | Portugal | Terrible Twos

Early flights and toddlers – don’t do it!

I know, I know… what was I thinking?  A 7am flight on a Thursday morning sounded doable back at the optimistic start of January.  I was trying to find cheap flights to accompany my husband for part of his work trip to Lisbon.  Obviously cheap flights = Ryanair.  Which means unpleasant flight times.  I thought “Sure […]

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