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A self-catering holiday in Antrim

Our break away from home didn’t get off to a great start, but we were relieved to arrive at our new accommodation in Antrim and find that it was what was promised, and more. This was our first self-catering holiday in Ireland and top of the priority list was somewhere we could set up a […]

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When holidays go wrong

It’s a busy year for us, and this year we can’t follow our usual agenda and take a holiday break in September because holidaying with a newborn would be a terrible terrible idea. We really should have planned something earlier in the year, but it fell by the wayside with everything else we were doing. […]

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Dublin Day Trips – A boat to Ireland’s Eye

It’s been a busy month for us with all the house moving and redecorating, but we try and spend some days getting out and about in the (sometimes) sunny summer weather. Recently we were lucky to choose a pleasant day for a trip out to Ireland’s Eye. We had signed up to head over for the […]

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A hint of summer

Post-nap afternoon snack.  We sit in the garden with bowls of sour creamy yoghurt and crunchy just-cooled granola.  In a spot carefully chosen out of the shade, so we can feel the dying heat of the sun on our faces.   Washing flaps overhead, under a blue sky criss-crossed with wispy airplane trails. A slight chill in […]

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Dublin | Featured | Terrible Twos

Those terrible terrible tantrumy twos

It’s a chilly, damp morning in Marlay Park.  The small playground is totally deserted apart from two little toddlers wandering about half-heartedly.  Their mothers huddle miserably together off to one side.  It’s not raining, but the sun is completely obscured by thick grey clouds.  Getting the kids out for a runabout in fresh air was an awful […]

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Around Ireland | Featured | Ireland | Toddlers

The Toddler and the Sea

It’s one of those rare days where the sun shines brightly in a sky full of fluffy white clouds. It’s ‘holidays’ today, according to Mama and Daddy. Rascal knows only that holidays are good – Daddy doesn’t say ‘bye bye’ and go to work on the choo choo train. The daily routine is broken, and unexpected […]

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Dublin | Ireland | Places | Review

Mobile Farm at Marlay Park

One of the best things about moving back further out of Dublin City, is the proximity to the many great parks on the south side of Dublin. Marlay Park is one of the most popular. We enjoy taking trips there, but do find it a bit tedious during the summer months when everyone else and […]

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