These are a few of my favourite (newborn) things

November 1, 2016 0 Comments

newborn cuddles

Drawers all stocked up with cute baby gros
Kissing you from your head to your toes
Snuggled close and warm, wrapped up in your slings.
These are a few of my favourite newborn things…


The intense look in those bright blue eyes as he gazes intently into mine.

The comatose sleep. Head flopping back, mouth gaping wide open. Soft snores rolling out. Utter peace and content.

His tiny toes.

The startled look of surprise when he finally notices that a face is in his range of vision.

The conversational cooing. Neither of us knows what the other is saying, but sure it’s nice to have a little chat anyway.

The ability to fall asleep in almost any position and still look comfortable. Preferably with one hand tucked under his chin.

The full body belches that ricochet around the room.

The beaming smile spreading across his face when he recognises me. No one grins from ear to ear quite like a newborn.

Those great big stretches where he reaches his arms wide over his head. Simultaneously pulling his legs right up to his chest. Arching his back, sticking out his bum.

The cute little outfits that shrink too fast.

The innocent, yet somewhat smug face as he snuggles up to me in his sleep. An expression of distaste flits past if you disturb his slumber by daring to move an uncomfortable muscle.

The crazy fist-pumping, leg-jerking happy dance when he gets excited by absolutely anything and everything.

The grunts and groans as he settles in his sleep. Lifting legs to free some wind, then relaxing back to whatever babies dream about.

The small little fingers curled around mine.

The flat on back, arms flung overhead, “I surrender” sleeping pose.


What are your favourite newborn things?