We’re going on our holidays!

August 31, 2014 0 Comments

Way back at the start of the year we learnt a little song in our baby sign classes all about the things you do on your holidays.  That tune has been getting a good airing lately in our house.  A big big holiday is imminent. Rascal may not be entirely on the same page about what that means, but whenever the word holiday is mentioned, he bursts into song about swimming and dancing and fun.  September is traditionally our holiday time.  Schools are back so all the holiday destinations are quieter.   The temperature is more manageable for two fussy people who crave some warmth and sunshine, but not too hot please!  This year we’re braving our first real, proper holiday with a toddler in tow.  A holiday with long haul flights to a far-flung destination.  This fills me in equal parts with utter dread, and lots of excitement.

We depart in the morning.  The house has been in total disarray all weekend.  Cleaning has been neglected and it’s really starting to show.  Daddy only just finished off his work obligations an hour ago.  Due to contention for my laptop, and a toddler demanding lots of attention… I have only just finished my own work obligations.  Suitcases lay about the bedroom, spilling half-packed contents on the ground.  As I’ve been methodically adding items to the cases, Rascal has been diligently removing them to obscure locations.  The cases consist mostly of toddler necessities.  This is probably the most frugal packing we’ve ever done when it comes to clothing and items for ourselves seeing as Rascal doesn’t get his own luggage allowance.



This is definitely the most stressful and busy pre-holiday preparation we’ve endured to date.  We’re still nowhere near ready to walk out the door in the morning.  I suspect we’ll set off tomorrow already utterly exhausted before we’ve even started the airplane challenges.  This holiday will either break, or make us…