Hervey Bay: Erase and Rewind

October 25, 2009 0 Comments

aussie woolshed

It was time to erase and rewind our visit to Hervey Bay. We happily checked out of Koala Beach Resort and suffered through the long walk up to the Aussie Woolshed, hauling our rucksacks in the sweltering heat of the sun. Tired and sweaty, we got ourselves checked in to a nice clean room with real built-in wardrobes we could actually unpack our stuff into. After checking out the kitchen and shower facilities, we went to the nearest supermarket to stock up. It was easy to see we were feeling dehydrated as we came back with enough bottles of water, milk, juice and cans of coke to keep us going for 2 weeks. After checking email to confirm that yet another attempt at booking our Fraser Island tour had been unsuccessful, we went back to the friendly guy at reception to see if he could work some magic for us.

After an overview of all the options available, he recommended a tour that he was planning on going on himself in the next week. Departing from Rainbow Beach, but we would get a free transfer there. At a reasonable price we would get a small tour group and our own room for the night. Our luck improved as he got us booked in on the tour for the next day and juggled our accommodation to suit. Easy as that. A few minutes later we were sorted out for the remainder of our time in Hervey Bay. When we mentioned that we were actually moving from another hostel, he told us that most of the bookings they get are from people unhappy with the more heavily advertised hostels in the area.


Hervey Bay Sunset

With that all sorted out, it was time to make up some breakfast and spend an afternoon relaxing in the lounge and planning out what else needed to be booked before we left Australia. Feeling refreshed, we headed out to the beach as the sun started to go down. While we ran the length of the beach and back, the sun quickly disappeared, casting a rosy glow across the clouds in the sky while it sank below the horizon. An hour later, darkness had fully fallen and an orchestra of insects chittered loudly in the bushes as I passed by.  After a shower we went for an Italian dinner – garlic bread, pasta and pizza on special offer. Things were definitely looking up in Hervey Bay with the change of accommodation.