A hint of summer

April 16, 2015 0 Comments

Post-nap afternoon snack.  We sit in the garden with bowls of sour creamy yoghurt and crunchy just-cooled granola.  In a spot carefully chosen out of the shade, so we can feel the dying heat of the sun on our faces.

summer picnic


Washing flaps overhead, under a blue sky criss-crossed with wispy airplane trails. A slight chill in the air threatens to send us back indoors, but we resist just a bit longer. Tomorrow may bring a return to the drizzly rain.



We slowly eat in companionable silence. The grass around us is bursting with golden dandelions cautiously reaching towards the sunshine. Greedily soaking in every last bit. Bees buzz industriously in their midst.



Minutes pass by leisurely.  A gentle breeze brings the sound of children calling to each other. The discordant smells of dinner waft out open windows.  Shadows slowly reclaim the garden. We sit together alone in our silence, but surrounded by signs of life.

Yes, there’s a hint of the summer to come in the air today.