Just another spectacular sunset

October 8, 2014 0 Comments

sunset width=One thing I love about a sun holiday by the sea is those balmy evenings, strolling along the beach as the sun sets in all its glory.  Preferably with an icecream cone in hand.  We were happy to see a sunset cruise included in our Kuredu holiday package, but it was ultimately a disappointment.  It wasn’t a good start when they tried to herd us onto a boat where we would have had to sit on the side, legs dangling, trying to hold ourselves plus our toddler on board.  No thanks!  When we suggested to the guy directing passengers that one of the boats with indoor seats would be more suitable for us he just said it was first come first served.  We could take the slippery-looking seats or not.  Given our inability to sprint down a jetty faster than unencumbered adults just to get on a suitable boat, we weren’t very happy with that response.  So we happily stormed off back along the jetty.  We had almost reached the end when a more senior staff member flagged us down to see what was wrong, and sensibly offered to let us board the boat we’d requested, still sitting there, with plenty of empty seats left.  The trip didn’t really improve much from there as the boats spent an hour chasing possible sightings of dolphins, but cancelling the sunset viewing due to cloudy weather.


another sunsetThe next few evenings we took ourselves off to the Sunset Bar at the southern tip of the island in search of a better sunset experience, and nature certainly didn’t disappoint here.  A small little hut serves cocktails and drinks just before the beach ends.  You can relax there on loungers looking out at the view, or take a walk all the way until the beach comes to an end.  A gradually narrowing sand spit that stretches out into the waters until the opposing currents on each side finally overlap and claim the land.  It’s an ideal spot for watching the sun set.  Of the evenings we were there the display was always different.  Each was a unique experience, some more impressive than others, but all beautiful in their own way.


20140911_184422You might get a miserly sun barely peering through the squalls of rain.



20140909_190020A pale sun disappearing beneath the horizon on a calm evening.

20140909_191825Or an absolutely spectacular display on a cloudy day where the light refracts in unexpected ways, lighting up both water and sky in a colourful fashion.  Even the Rascal paused as we wandered towards the end of the island to ask what he was seeing, and gaze in total awe at the sun going to bed.  This was the star performance for me.  An amazing view in every direction.


There’s nothing like watching the sun disappear beneath the ocean on the horizon, just as the beach disappears beneath the ocean right underfoot.  Words can’t adequately convey how breathtaking the view was, so I won’t attempt to describe it further. It there’s one thing Kuredu does well, it’s spectacular sunsets…