Llanes – a pleasant surprise

June 17, 2015 2 Comments

When I was planning our Spanish roadtrip, I spent quite some time looking up where was best to visit along the Northern coast of Spain. It’s really difficult to narrow down your choices. So many stunning photos of the coastline along the Costa Verde, not enough time to check them all out. Here’s one little gem though – Llanes. A last minute addition to the itinerary that turned out to be a good one…



Llanes is a traditional fishing port on the coast north of Picos de Europa. We chose it as a stop-off point on our journey to and from the mountains. This is the beautiful view that greeted us when we got out of the car.



There was no hesitation – we headed straight down to the beach for some bright fresh air.



A friendly police officer was just ‘having a chat’ with a naked old man as we arrived on the shore. I guess skinny-dipping isn’t appreciated in the midst of this natural landscape. Don’t worry, this image is after the beach had been vacated by him.


The Rascal wasted no time enjoying the feel of soft golden sand between his toes.


Away from the beach you find a typical Spanish town.


And of course, the typical menu of the Asturias region. It’s common that whoever takes your order heads straight into the kitchen and cooks it aswell. Depending on who that is, it doesn’t always inspire confidence about the quality of the food that might eventually emerge.


It’s a pretty town with the usual winding streets.


A more distant view of the cove we’d been in earlier.


Sitting out by the harbour you can indulge in some comfort food. Coffee, croissant, ice cream all available close by.



The local men, sat out for a chat as they enjoy the evening. Now that’s the kind of retirement life I’d like to lead…


Llanes is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the vicinity. Just no nakedness allowed!