Mautitius: Tying the knot…

September 1, 2011 0

It’s been a long and quiet year for us. Mostly due to work, work… and more work.  Still – there’s just enough time left to fit in a little traveling in 2011, and we’ve been making some plans. Unfortunately they don’t include another round the world in 96 days marathon. This time we’re about to embark on another kind of adventure altogether – tying the knot. For this adventure we’re escaping the crowds and jetting off on our lonesome to the remote shores of the island of Mauritius. This small island off the East African coast appears to tick all the boxes where we’re concerned. It’s no more than a 12 hour flight away from France. It boasts good weather, gorgeous beaches, all varieties of food and an extremely long list of activities that can be done. What more could we ask for?

After an excellent start where we booked some things months in advance, time completely got away from us and before we knew it there were but a few short weeks left to address all the other details of arranging a wedding abroad. Somehow we ultimately ended up with appropriate attire for the day along with the all-important wedding rings. Everything else is up now to Chaka Travel; with whom we’ve booked flights, accommodation, and wedding package. They’ve been armed with the minimum amount of legal documents and it’s up to them to ensure that all the basics are covered. So far it’s all sounding good. All that’s left for us to do is show up with our stuff and see what happens…


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