Nap Time

May 1, 2014 3 Comments

Nap Time


Sleepy baby snuggled at my breast
Head drops back, mouth agape
Soft snores into my face
Sinks deeper into slumber
Carefully, slowly, laid down by my side
A rare silence descends.

Restless toddler stirs, delicate eyelids flutter,
Bleary eyes search, lock gaze
A murmured ‘Mama’, and rolls my way
Reattaches chubby arms around my neck
Legs bury into my stomach
Face to face, nose to nose, breath to breath, a satisfied sigh.

Lying close, breathing as one
Watching over a body all at peace
Memorising each curve of face in the weak daylight
The future inevitability carries you away from me
But in this moment in time I belong to you,
You are entirely mine
My favourite times
This. Is. Love.