Queenstown: Last stop for New Zealand

October 13, 2009 0 Comments

Having succeeded in our challenging quest to find food on our last night in Wanaka, we finished up the evening making use of our ensuite bathroom. Brodie was well overdue a haircut, and I was in charge of butchering said hair. Brodie was in charge of sitting on the toilet glowering before I’d even started. Armed with a comb, scissors and clippers I’d never used before, soon there was an impressive amount of hair littering the room. Every surface had a layer, including Brodie’s shirt, making it hard to distinguish which hair was still attached. My kingdom for a seat more accessible than a toilet, a hairdryer and a dustpan and brush. By the time Brodie’s fidgeting grew to the level where I was getting dangerously close to shaving, rather than clipping, we called it quits for the night. After the dust (or hair) had settled, Brodie was so shocked to find he didn’t have to immediately shave his head to remedy my work, that he was mostly willing to overlook any dodgy patches until we have time to attempt some finishing touches in a better environment.



Having suitably lightened the load a little, we took our last coach journey (on this island) to our final destination of Queenstown. Once more, we found ourselves in a town on the shores of large lake. Queenstown is a much more substantial town though. Even in the off season the streets are far busier and everything moves at a quicker pace. Our hostel was situated a little bit out of town on the quieter Lake Esplanade, a short walk back into the town.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to dining out in Queenstown. Our first choice was a Japanese restaurant – authentic down to the option of dining at a Japanese table, and the scented toilet roll in the bathrooms. We weren’t quite ready to settle in at Queenstown though, as we had a rental car booked for the next couple of days to take us to the last of our tourist destinations in this country.

Queenstown Lake