Snapshot (Linky)

March 13, 2017 3 Comments

I live in a full and busy house at the moment with little time for reflection. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s going on as part of Awfully Chipper’s Snapshot Linky…


Listening to: Right now as I write this post it’s ‘Fall Into Me’ by Alev Lenz. I heard this track in the last episode of Black Mirror and loved it.

Watching: Little Big Lies. I read this last year and found it entertaining though I wasn’t a huge fan of the style. I’m liking it more on the screen – admittedly watching my husband (who hasn’t read it) being teased by hints of murderous ends is adding to the enjoyment.

Playing: No playtime for me at the moment, but The Rascal is always in the middle of some mad game. He artfully concocts stories born of random things he’s heard. He borrows equally from tv, books and real life. I do cringe a little when I overhear him lecturing one of his toys and listen to my own words coming out of his mouth. Confirmation that he DOES hear what I say, he just chooses to ignore it…

Reading: Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter. Recommended by Kate Takes 5. I haven’t got very far into this one yet, but I usually like books that are a little different to normal and this one is definitely fitting the bill so far.

Looking forward to: Getting on a plane. There’s much I’ll miss, but I’m also impatient to get started. I remain cautiously optimistic about the new life ahead of us.

Drinking: Copious amounts of tea.

Wearing: Mostly slumming it in tracksuit bottoms. If I’m not knee-deep decluttering wardrobes, I’m showered in spit-up from the baby. It’s a glamorous life. I am at least out of maternity jeans and back into my more generous-sized jeans. My slimmer ones are still at the back of the wardrobe hoping to return if/when the pregnancy weight gain goes away (please go away soon).

Eating: All the chocolate. Yes, I realise this may be what’s limiting my wardrobe choices above.

Working on: A number of work projects in amongst the big long list of Things You Need To Do Before You Emigrate.

Permanently frustrated by: Lack of time. Between kids, packing, work and sleep deprivation there’s virtually no free time for me.

Enjoying: Catching up with friends before we leave.

Not enjoying: The latest round of four-year-old tantrums and general misbehaviour.