Three becomes Four

August 23, 2016 0 Comments

It’s been a long long wait, but Boo finally arrived last week. In his own good time. Just before we hit 42 weeks. He was born at home with the help of our amazing midwives, surprising us all when he turned out to be a very large baby. A large, always hungry baby who is in 3-6 month babygros already.



I’d like to say that we’ll just put our feet up and relax for the next few weeks. Realistically it’s going to be survival mode with a blur of sleepless nights, cluster feeding and endless nappies. Brodie returns to work just as the Rascal transitions to preschool, and we continue the search for a new home before the sale of our current house falls through. Busy days ahead.



Bump turned to baby. My little boy transformed to big brother. Our family of three becomes four. In amongst the chaos I’ll be savouring the fleeting newborn moments. The silky soft hair, the tiny curled hands, the warm presence content on my chest. There’ll be little time for writing and pressing publish. My big boy still needs his cuddles, and the window for newborn snuggles is all too brief.