Travel Favourites

2009 Around the World Trip Highlights (and Lowlights)

Chiang Rai – Golden Triangle Part 5

Today’s lunchtime break is a buffet in one of the hotels which our guide is very enthusiastic about.  There’s certainly ...
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Singapore: The Singapore shuffle

There’s little sense of time in our small Singapore cell. The only sign that perhaps it might be daytime outside ...
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Fraser Island – Fair Dinkum, I knew that would happen!

Our tour to Fraser Island starts bright and early in the morning. We cram enough items to get us through ...
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Travel Memories

This, is Ile de Ré

I'm hurtling along on a rickety bike, out in the peaceful open countryside. Coasting easily through flat fields, the grass gently waving ...
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Who tries to rent a car without a drivers licence?

Yes, that's right - we did!  Not intentionally, but that's the situation we found ourselves in at the start of ...
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How bizarre – Cats in Prague

Every so often in life you come across a situation that leaves you completely speechless, and not quite sure how ...
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Travelling with a child

Arabian desert adventure

We're standing at the crest of a sandy red ridge, being blasted by a shimmering wall of heat as we look ...
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Long haul torture with a toddler

We're walking through a gargantuan terminal in Dubai airport. Searching wearily for somewhere with decent food to keep us going ...
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