A Week in Dinners

January 24, 2015 2 Comments


I’m joining the ‘Week in Dinners’ linky over on Bumbles of Rice this week.  It’s somewhat sad to say that since becoming a mother I’ve had to change my lazy disorganised ways and start planning our meals more than a few hours in advance.  Now I’m one of those people who actually plan their weekly shops.  To the extent that I eventually managed to cobble together a meal planner for 4 weeks worth of dinners.

I don’t do meals that take hours to prepare because I’m still somewhat lazy and disorganised even if I do have ‘a plan’.  Any very popular meals show up every two weeks.  Bonus points if they’re ones that I can cook once and serve twice (or even thrice).  I try and remember each weekend to take down the list of meals for the coming week and compare with the calendar.  I’ll rearrange the order of the meals to suit how busy each day is going to be.  Provided I make it to the shops with an accurate list of ingredients, there’s little thinking to do when it comes to producing food each day.  I just need to remember to take something out of the freezer the night before if I’m going to be tight on time for cooking.

Occasionally I get a burst of inspiration/energy and scour the internet for easy recipes that won’t be rejected without even tasting by two thirds of the household.  If the results aren’t disastrous then the meals get added to the meal planner.  Hopefully there’ll be some new additions coming from this linky!

So here’s how our dinners worked out this week…


Saturday – Indian Takeout
We took our last opportunity for my sister to babysit before she goes travelling for the year.  After seeing Birdman in the cinema, we were home too late to be bothered cooking a dinner.  We rarely get takeout, and it’s a special treat where we all sit on the couch watching something on TV.  If you want to see a contented toddler, show up at our house when we’re eating takeout.


Sunday – Steak and Chips

Homecooked dinner at my mother’s to say goodbye to my sister.  Steak and chips for the adults.  Toddler doesn’t eat chips, but also won’t eat ANYTHING my mother has cooked, so refused the steak too.  Expecting this, I’d brought a lunch box of plain pasta which he happily demolished.  Apparently the only thing my mother ‘cooks’ to his taste is baked beans on toast!


Monday – Spinach Pesto, Chicken & Pasta
I make double the amount of pesto each time and freeze half, so this one came from the freezer.  Just needs the chicken and pasta added.  This is a firm favourite in our house.  It disappears fast so you have to make sure the toddler doesn’t get too big a head start, or he’ll be finished and want all of yours too.


Tuesday – Quiche

Store-bought pastry and filled with grated cheese, red onion, peppers and rashers.  With the small bit of leftover pastry I made mini-quiches with goats cheese instead.  Served with garlic bread.  This is one of those dishes where the toddler will either love or hate it, you never know which it’s going to be.


Wednesday – Chicken Chorizo
A relatively recent addition to the recipe book, but already  a popular dish with everyone.  Chicken and chorizo with a tomato sauce, served with pasta.   The most time-consuming part is chopping the meat.  Everything else is easy.   “Mmmmmm”, says the toddler.


Thursday – Fruity Beef Curry
This is a quick and easy curry that freezes really well.  My husband isn’t a huge fan, so we had this on a night he was out for dinner.  Half has been dispatched to the freezer for another week when he’s away for work.


Friday – Spaghetti Bolognaise
This one needs no description.  I suspect it’s a go-to dish in every household.   It’s nice and easy to make up a tasty sauce with just tomatoes and spices from the cupboard.  We favour a heavy dose of cumin in ours.   Another quick meal from the freezer.


And that’s our weekly dinners for the past week.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been having…